how i work
"Pragmatic solutions for your problems."
I believe all challenges should be dealt with sensibly and realistically, in a way that is based on practicality rather than theoretical considerations. Quality is the name of the game here, all deliverables will be up to the highest standard.
We talk
and together figure out the problems, goals, and what brings you added value.
we draft the strategies and means to figure out what is necessary to achieve your goal.
Budget Solutions
Payment can be agreed upon either per project or, an hourly rate (minimum 10h).
fields of expertise
Web and Mobile Multiplatform (Flutter)
What I do have are a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a dream* for people like you.
what they say about me
If you are to trust me with your hard earned money, you want to make sure I can do the job preemptively, I get it, I would do exactly the same. Feel free to read what my clients have said.
Ezequiel Campelo
Ezequiel Campelo
Main Co-Owner
The Camp HQ
One of the best professionals in the field.
Dedicated, engaged, and with a sense of commitment and compliance. Artur adds a great amount of value, by bringing within his service his whole professional experience in the market, guiding and helping us to have a global vision.
Wilberto Filho
Wilberto Filho
Co-Founder & CEO
Blaze Information Security
It’s awesome to work with such a competent and committed professional like Artur. He goes beyond his duties to deliver his projects, giving insightful opinions and improvement suggestions, that are backed up by his already extensive experience in delivering complex projects effortlessly.
Przemysław Jóźkowicz
Przemysław Jóźkowicz
Hermes Technic
Artur rebuilt my company's website in 2021 ( Thanks to his professional guidelines regarding the shape and content, Hermes Technic's website has become clearer, which has resulted in greater recognition of my company among customers. I recommend cooperation with Artur Teixeira to everyone.
about me:
Working since 2014 on Software, I've been through every job on the field...
...from a ticket-grabbing developer, through full-stack, infrastructure, database management, continuous delivery, frontend and backend engineering, and even information security.

I've managed teams of 1 to 15 people of various fields of expertise such as Design, Data Science, Quality Assurance and Engineering and I was quite lucky to work with some of the best in the business.

Working directly with business owners and clients is something I have years of experience in, therefore I understand the value of translating a vision into an actionable roadmap and its features.

Bringing you value is my passion, that's why I build stuff.
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